House Rules (Backpackers)


  • Keep outside gates locked at all times
  • A curfew time from 22h00 to 05h00 applies where no guests allowed leaving or entering the premises
  • Please do not call or ring the gate bell to open the gate. One (1) remote will be issued per unit
  • Look after house keys. Missing/lost keys will be for your account
  • Park vehicles in the designated area. Do not block the driveway
  • Backpackers is a full on self-catering unit. Guests must provide there own groceries, toiletries, towels and cleaning supplies
  • It is the responsibility of guests to clean and keep the unit tidy. If you are unable to do it yourself intaka guest house will do it for you at a rate of r75 per day
  • Keep the yard tidy and use dirt bins provided
    No visitors allowed after 20h00
  • Strictly no smoking inside the house. The patio/braai area is a desidnated smoking area. Put your cigarette ash and buts in the ashtrays/bins provided
  • Strictly no oka pipes, drugs or liquer allowed
  • No parties allowed or loud music
    No drinking allowed in/around the swimming pool. Keep the pool tidy and clear of paper and plastic bags
  • Please use electricity and water sparingly. Switch off lights that are not needed
  • Please wipe and clean your feet/shoes before entering the house


  • The tv lounge is a communial area. Please keep other guests in mind
  • Keep volume down, remember there are other guests who want to rest/sleep
  • Do not move/re-arrange the furniture
  • No sleeping in the lounge


  • Please clean up after you used the kitchen
  • Do not use kitchen towels to wipe spills on the floor
  • If you use pots, cutlery etc please wash it and put it back in its place
  • Do not put hot pots on the counter tops
  • Please do not flush any fat/oil/food left overs down the zinc or drain
  • Any breakages, missing items will be for your account
  • Switch off the stove (against the wall) after using it
  • When using the microwave oven do not put any metal objects like spoons, knives, tinfoil containers in the microwave
  • Please do not remove cups, plates etc from the house


  • Don’t leave your toiletries in the bathroom
  • Please use toilet paper. Do not use news paper or other types of paper. (kindly see our notice regarding our septic tank system)
  • Urinate inside the toilet, not next to it
  • After washing/shower clean up and leave the bathroom tidy for other guests
  • Use hot water sparingly, remember there is other guests as well
  • Do not leave wet towels in the bathroom. Hang wet towels over your bed end
  • Please note our sewer system operate on a septic-tank system. Do not flush earbuds, sanitary pads, bottle caps etc down the toilet as it will block the system. Use bins provided


  • Sleep in rooms/beds you have been designated to
  • You are responsible for your bedding. Missing/damaged bedding is for your account
  • Sleep between sheets and make sure you have washed before going to bed
    No visitors allowed in bedrooms and strictly no woman/girlfriends allowed
  • There will be no smoking or drinking allowed in bedrooms
  • Pack your bags, clothes etc in the wardrobe
  • Leave your towel at the bed end so the house-girl will know to which bed it belongs


Linda 0832324157
Landline 0436421464

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