House Rules (Family Units)


  • Keep outside gates locked at all times
  • Look after house keys. Missing/lost keys will be for your account
  • Park vehicles in the designated area. Do not block the driveway
  • Keep the yard tidy
  • No visitors allowed after 21h00
  • Strictly no smoking inside the house or rooms. The patio/braai area is a desidnated smoking area. Put your cigarette ash and buts in the ashtrays/bins provided
  • No okha pipes allowed
  • No parties allowed or loud music
  • No drinking allowed in/around the swimming pool
  • Keep the pool tidy and clear of paper and plastic bags
  • Please use electricity and water sparingly
  • Switch off lights that are not needed
  • Please wipe and clean your feet/shoes before entering the house


  • The tv lounge/dining/entertaiment areas are communial areas. Please keep other guests in mind
  • Keep volume down, remember there are other guests who want to rest/sleep
  • Do not move/re-arrange the furniture


  • Most rooms/units is fitted with a gas geyeser. If there is no hot water please ask management for assistance
  • Use toilet paper provided. Do not use news paper or other types of paper
  • Urinate inside the toilet, not next to it
  • Use hot water sparingly, remember we are in a designated drought area and water restrictions apply from time to time
  • Please note our sewer system operate on a septic-tank system. Do not flush earbuds, sanitary pads, bottle caps etc down the toilet as it will block the system. Use bins provided


  • You are responsible for your bedding. Missing/damaged bedding is for your account
  • Sleep between sheets and make sure you have washed before going to bed
  • No visitors allowed in bedrooms and strictly no woman/girlfriends allowed
  • There will be no smoking or drinking allowed in bedrooms


Linda 0832324157
Landline 0436421464

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